With over 10 years of experience in advanced high-grade security installations across Australia. We are confident we can help. Our strengths are in the advanced technology such as offsite alerts to your phone, onsite deterence features (siren, strobe, red/blue flashing lights), face recognition, and licence plate recogition. We have much experience with challenging installations to cover large spans of areas such as carvan parks and schools, via wireless links between buildings up to 15km. Please see our amazing customer testimonals at the bottom of this page for more information.

Home, Farm or Business CCTV

Do you need a highly experienced and professional Nsw security camera installer? We can advise, supply and install any CCTV system for Nsw residential or commercial needs. Typically our Nsw surveillance systems come with the following features, which we are confident is suitable, reliable and cost-effective for residential homes, farms, and commerical businesses. Here is a list of our typical features:

  • Full High Definition 2MP (i.e. 1080p/1K), 4MP (i.e. 2K), 6MP (i.e. 3K), 8MP (i.e. 4K)
    or very expensive 12MP (i.e. 6K)
  • All our security cameras have 50 meters night vision!
  • All our security cameras are vandal and weather resistant (IP67).
  • All our security cameras use Starlight (i.e. colour footage in low light 0.005lx)
  • All our security cameras support AI-based people/vehicle recognition for reliable alerts.
  • Remote live view and playback via PC and/or mobile device(s).
  • Recordings stored locally via hard drive (i.e. no cloud required).
  • All parts come with at least 3 years warranty.
  • Built-in microphone - can be disabled by software.
  • Optional onsite deterrence features such as built-in siren, strobe and red/blue flashing lights.
  • Multiple buildings can be joined via dedicated wireless links - range 15km line of sight!
  • Solar powered and 3G/4G systems available upon request.
Home or Business CCTV Nsw Security Cameras Installation Surveillance System

Critical Infrastructure CCTV

When it comes to critical infrastructure for tier 1 companies and government, there are some outstanding options - however they are expensive! Some features include:

  • Motion detection via PIR or radar sensor - see below section "Motion Detection".
  • Target position and velocity tracking via radar - up to 50 metres and 120° field of view.
  • Horn with preprogrammed voice messages, or custom voice messages.
  • Control 3rd party devices (e.g. gate, lock, lights)
  • Alerts/logs for 3rd party devices (e.g. lock status, PIR status)
  • Analytics features such as people counting and cross line detection (virtual trip-wire).
  • Custom software development options via the API.
  • Highly secure and trusted brand (AXIS Communications) - Made in Sweden.
Critical Infrastructure Highly Secure CCTV Nsw Security Cameras Installation Surveillance System

CCTV People, Vehicle or Motion Detection Alerts

Most security camera systems support motion detection via vision. However using vision only is known to be unreliable (i.e. cause false positives). Vision-based motion detection can be triggered via rain, insects, moving shadows (e.g. from clouds), and might miss small or slow objects.

For more reliable motion detection, you need to add more advanced software and/or sensors.

Some advanced software options are AI-based people/vehicle recognition. Currently technology allows setting up of virtual trip-wires (aka perimeter protection) and/or face recognition.

Some additional sensor options are PIR and radar sensors. Both PIR and radar have a 120° field of view. PIR is cost-effective, however only 12 metres range, and not the best for outdoor/sunlight. Radar allows up to 50 metres, works in bad weather such as rain or snow, and can track target position and velocity - allowing target tracking via PTZ cameras!

Once you have reliable motion detection - you can confidently use it for instant notification via email, mobile phone push notification and/or have a speaker/horn say someting to the intruder.

To get a feel of the power of AI-based people/vehicle recognition for motion detection and notifications, watch this YouTube video:

To get a feel of the power of radar based sensors for motion detection and notifications, watch this YouTube video:

How to Improve Nsw Security Cameras Installation Night Vision?

Most cameras have built-in IR for night vision, rated to 30m or 50m. However, it's not the best. To improve night vision, consider an external IR illuminator, which is like a floodlight, that human eyes can't see. They are simply powered via 12Vdc and do not need to be placed near the camera - in some ways, elsewhere is better (e.g. area of concern, or area of weak/poor night vision). Here is an example of what you can expect when moving from a camera with 50m rated built-in IR, to a 150m rated 60° field of view external IR illuminator, where the far edge of the pool is about 25m from the camera.

Night Vision Options: Built-in or External IR Illuminator

Joining Buildings/Locations with Wireless Links

When most people think wireless, they forget about power. In most cases wireless systems are only for data, and therefore still required wired power. From our experience there are two cases to use wireless:

For large span installations, trenching is costly and risky, so we recommand to bridge the gap with wireless links instead. For example. Building A, might have 4x wired Nsw Security Cameras Installation, and building B might have 8x wired Nsw Security Cameras Installation. So we simply link the buildings with one wireless link. We generally use 900MHz or 5GHz wireless transceivers, that can go up to 15km line of sight. For most cases we can use 5GHz. However if we need the wireless signal to go around corners, over a mountain, or penetration objects, buildings and/or dense foliage, we would use 900MHz.

Wireless Station

Can a Nsw Security Cameras Installation Read Licence Plates?

From our early evening tests, a 8MP security camera using a 12mm lens can see Australia licence plates at about 35 metres. So in theory we have the following MegaPixel (MP) vs range for reading licence plates, assuming a 12mm lens:

  • 12MP security camera - about 50 metres.
  • 8MP security camera - about 35 metres.
  • 4MP security camera - about 17 metres.
  • 2MP security camera - about 8 metres.
  • 1MP security camera - about 4 metres.
Given these tests where done early evening, we would expect better during day. However at night time we suspect it's hard to read at that range, without external significant IR illuminators.

If you just need a security camera to see licence plates, then you just need to select a suitable lens and MegaPixel (MP) security camera for your target range. However if your objective is to automatically recognise a licence plate, and perhaps match it against a database for access control. Then please see our Licence Plate Recognition LPR/ANPR services.

If you're goal is to read licence plates, we'd suggest an 8MP optical zoom camera, as the 12MP option is typically too expensive.

Readable Licence Plates with Nsw Security Cameras Installation

Solar Powered Station for Nsw Security Cameras Installation

In the previous section we discussed that typically a wireless solution requires power. For remote security camera installations, power is not available. In this case, we can use batteries and/or solar. It should be well understood that a solar solution is not cost-effective and can be not aesthetically pleasing. To give you an idea - for one security video camera and one wireless transceiver to continously run day and night will require: about 200W solar panel (in most areas of East Coast Australia), batteries, solar charger, etc, and will cost about $1800 in materials, not including the security camera, wireless transceiver, or galvanised pole.

Solar Powered Nsw Security Cameras Installation
           Wireless Station

Advanced Analytics Surveillance Features

We are experienced with installation of standard security camera systems for your expensive home, office, warehouse, street or highway. We even offer more complex CCTV solutions which may require features such as:

Contact us today to setup a meeting and/or site inspection.

Advanced Surveillance System Features

CCTV Systems General Information

When thinking about a security camera system, you may like to consider the following options:

Traditional 700TVL Analogue security cameras vs 2MP Digital IP security cameras

Traditional analogue Nsw Security Cameras Installation resolution is rated 700TVL. In digital terms that is equivalent to only 0.5MP! With IP Nsw Security Cameras Installation, you can get 1MP (i.e. 720p), 2MP (i.e. 1080p), 4MP (i.e. double 1080p!) and 12MP. Here is a image showing the difference between 700TVL and a 2MP IP security camera:

Traditional 700TVL Analogue Nsw Security Cameras Installation vs 2MP Digital IP Nsw Security Cameras Installation

Security Camera Lens Size: Field of View Vs Range

Focal Length of Lens1/3" Imaging Sensor1/4" Imaging Sensor

CCTV Nsw Security Cameras Installation Lens field of view diagram

Swann, Techview, Bunnings, Jaycar Security Cameras Review

Where can I buy security cameras? Where is the best place to buy security cameras? There are many low budget CCTV systems you can purchase for Bunnings, Dicksmith, Jaycar, etc, such as Swann, Signet, Techview, Cocoon, Foscam, etc. Here is our Swann security cameras review. We DO NOT recommend Swann, etc for these reasons:

  1. The timestamp watermark is not done at a firmware level, so the footage from such cameras are not admissible in court.
  2. We get enquiries regularly with reported issues for these low budget brands.
  3. Known to lock up and require a manual power reset.
  4. Come with a desktop-grade hard drive, so it will not last as long as a surveillance-grade hard drive.
  5. Typically plastic camera housing, not full-metal housing - so generally not vandal resistant, or high IP rating.
  6. Less night vision range.
  7. Less field of view.
  8. Typically less MegaPixels.

Cost-effective 100% Wire-Free Nsw Security Cameras Installation

We appreicate the cost of a high MegaPixel (MP) wired security installation is an investment. However if you can't afford such a security camera system, then we are aware of one option that is cost-effective for home and small businesses. That system is known as the Netgear ARLO Smart Home Security - 4 HD Camera Security System. It costs $799 for 4x 1MP (i.e. 720p) cameras, records to the cloud, and is 100% wire-free (batteries life is about 4 to 6 months). It is typically a DIY solution. We do NOT recommend ALRO for these reasons:

  1. We don't do small projects sorry.
  2. Built-in wireless antennas - so loss of frames.
  3. Store data to a 3rd party cloud - this uses precious internet bandwidth and that 3rd party has all your video recordings.
  4. Typically plastic camera housing, not full-metal housing - so generally not vandal resistant, or high IP rating.
  5. Less night vision range.
  6. Less field of view.
  7. Typically less MegaPixels.

Nsw Traffic Cameras

If your looking for Nsw Traffic Cameras, please see https://straya.io or https://qldtraffic.qld.gov.au/cameras.html.

CCTV Licence and Security Firm Membership

As you maybe aware - any security camera installer must be licensed by law. Furthermore, any security firm that has installers must be a member of a security organisation such as ASIAL Corporate Membership. This ensures police have the finger prints of all CCTV installers, and all security firms are held to a constitution, code of professional conduct, policies and procedures. It should also be noted one is not allowed to use the ASIAL logo unless they have been a member for a least two years. For your peace of mind, here are our lience and membership details:

  • Security Adviser and Equipment Installer Licence Number: 4021999
  • ASIAL Corporate Membership Number: C12516
ASIAL Member

Our Clients

COLETEK Amazing Customer Testimonials

As a leading technology solutions provider we carefully choose our partners to outsource some of our projects. Black Box has partnered with COLETEK in delivering numerous projects. Every single time they have delivered work of highest standard and meet our project deadlines. It's a pleasure to work with COLETEK team headed by Luke and hope to work on many more projects in the future.

thumb Sudhir Kumar
Black Box Network Services Pty Ltd, Melbourne

You can rest assured, knowing that you are about to invest in a great service delivered by absolute professionals. COLETEK are extremely knowledgeable and deliver timely service with a courteous and customer centric approach. I originally employed COLETEK to assist with security camera installation but have since asked their advice on a number of innovative related matters, always with a solution. If you need a team of top tier consultants and service providers, for any technology-based project, then you have come to the right place.

thumb Martin Dominick
The K9 Centre AUS, Brisbane

I have outsourced many projects through COLETEK over the years for a variety of applications. Applications such as a online based software platform that pulls live data feeds and updates in real-time to the user. A custom built website for adding users and products that achieved over 20,000 listings. Mobile applications. Data recovery and hardware repair. Custom SEO services and secure hosting services. I choose COLETEK because I know that a job will get done as requested and within a reasonable time frame. Also I'm a stickler for security and they're the best.

Matthew Krause
Gold Coast

COLETEK installed a security camera system in our food processing facility that included 89 cameras both internal and external to the factory. They were professional through the quotation and installation process and have been supportive with their after sales service. Based on our experience we would have no hesitation in recommending COLETEK to anyone searching for customised surveillance camera solution.

thumb Shalika Perera
Macadamia Processing Co. Limited., Lismore

COLETEK installed real-time wireless security camera systems within our seven Holiday Parks, consisting of 31 cameras spread over multiple buildings and locations. I found the team at COLETEK to be very professional throughout the installation process and the completed system to be highly proficient for our business. I would recommend using COLETEK for your security needs.

Lance Robinson
Tweed Coast Holiday Parks, Boyds Bay, Fingal, Kingscliff, Hastings, Pottsville

COLETEK installed a real-time wireless security camera system for us consisting of 40 indoor and outdoor cameras over 10 buildings throughout the resort and service station. Their team was very professional from quote to completion of the job, and after sales service. The system has reduced vandalism and theft to almost nothing. We have been very happy with the installation and service. We would recommend COLETEK to anyone.

thumb Andrew Parr
Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort, Yamba

We found COLETEK to be very knowledgeable and professional in the installation of our security system, even after the job has been completed COLETEK is always happy to follow up with any questions that may arise.. I would highly recommend COLETEK for anyone looking at security for peace of mind.

Adam Oppes
Angourie Resort, Yamba

Very reliable, professional and knowledgeable. In our office were we all amazed by Luke's knowledge of IT and how much he know about different IT issues, specially about the IP cameras. We recommend their services and we will always use their services in the future.

Michael Mehrab
Cyrus Persian Carpets, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Ballina, Lismore

Early in 2015 COLETEK was contracted by St Paul's Lutheran Primary School to install security cameras, within a tight budget, onto the campus. I found working with Luke from COLETEK to be very helpful and professional in helping the school get the most value from our budget, showing us all possible options so that we could work out the best fit for our campus.

thumb Ian Bloxham (Business Manager)
St Pauls Lutheran Primary School, Caboolture

After having difficulty getting contractors to quote on our job of setting up surveillance cameras over multiple factories on the same site we contacted COLETEK. They very helpful explaining how they would design and setup the system wirelessly and the pricing was also within our budget. The COLETEK team were very accommodating while installing the system ensuring minimal effect on our production team. We were so happy with the installation and system on our first site we also decided to upgrade the surveillance cameras on one of our other sites.

Toby Peacock
Q Tank, Brendale

We can't thank COLETEK enough for setting up our security systems and ensuring the safety of our assets. They were great to deal with and were extremely responsive in all aspects. We would highly recommend their services to anyone searching for true expertise and exceptional customer service.

thumb Jessica Brown
Hay Enterprises Pty Ltd, NSW

I was concerned with the security of my apartment when it was vacant. I contacted COLETEK and discussed the possibility of having security cameras installed with an email alert system incorporated that would advise me by email if someone entered the apartment, after getting the Internet activated, COLETEK suggested the equipment I should require and had it installed. I am more than happy with the result that was achieved, COLETEK has very good knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the requirements from the equipment I needed and also the IT side of things. I have no reservations in recommending COLETEK for this type of installation.

thumb Doug Hurley
The Brown and Hurley Group Pty Ltd, Townsville

We had nine cameras and a storage system installed 4 years ago. The installation was fantastic with WiFi transmission from some areas the picture quality was unbelievable. The cameras are in a very harsh environment but never cause any issues. I would thoroughly recommend COLETEK Surveillance for your CCTV requirements.

Peter Finch
Mi-Feed Pty Ltd, Yandina

COLETEK installed at our home a surveillance system with 6 cameras and an intercom system with 2 door stations and 3 indoor monitors. The two systems were linked enabling the cameras at the door stations to function as additional security cameras and also allow remote access. The result was great with the added advantage of improving our wifi system. If you want a cost effective system done by professionals who know what they’re doing, are reliable and will be respectful of your home, you can not go wrong with COLETEK. Dealing with Luke was a very positive and pleasant experience.

thumb Arsenio & Alice Alegre
Burleigh Heads

I was very pleased with the installation of security cameras by COLETEK. So easy to deal with, very prompt with email replies. Service was excellent. Would highly recommend COLETEK to anyone wanting their products.

Joy Weston

I would like to thank Luke and his staff at COLETEK for the knowledge, service and reliability that they provided. The security camera system that was installed is exactly what I was after. I would definitely recommend COLETEK to all my friends and family if they require a system. Thanks again Luke. You are a true professional in your field.

thumb Chass Bayliss

I recently had a security camera system installed and would recommend COLETEK as being the provider of choice for this job. The whole process was stress free and the work was completed to a high standard, including leaving everything clean and tidy afterwards. In particular: any queries were answered quickly, an itemised estimate of costs provided, kept informed of arrival time on the day, complete set-up of the system including tuition on its operation, and everyone from the company was very friendly to deal with.

Karen Brown
Moreton Bay

COLETEK are a great company. They are efficient and attentive. They are great a communicating with all your needs and any Questions you have they are more than happy to help. After service support is awesome. I highly recommend COLETEK for all your surveillance install and needs.

thumb Tracey Bosio
Monty's Marina, Moreton Bay

Thank you for installing the surveillance system at our home in the Northern Rivers. It gives us a great sense of security to know that our home and possesses can be monitored remotely and all activities recorded. Thanks also for giving up your time on the weekend to arrange for back up parts to be picked up following storm damage.

Martin Fitzgerald
North Coast NSW

COLETEK is a "can-do" business. Luke and his man was prompt, efficient and skilled at fitting the security system, and made easy work of setting up the software. He assisted me with all queries after the installation, and I was very happy with his work. His quality equipment has work flawlessly. His attitude was a welcome contrast to the various installers that I had had discussions with who only saw problems with our installation. Thanks to Luke there were none.

Rod Mott
Sunshine Coast

We engaged COLETEK to supply and install a home security and camera system for our property in 2018. Luke displayed the currency of his technical knowledge and supplied quality products at reasonable prices. He listened to our needs and made recommendations that suited us that rather than any upsell. His team have been prompt, reliable and tidy in their work and courteous to deal with. After sales support has been good with Luke displaying a real solution focused approach to any technical issues that have arisen. We would recommend COLETEK for your home or business home security system needs.

thumb Sandra Gillanders
Gold Coast

I manage a site of which posed challenges to Luke and his team, of which they overcame with promptness and professionalism. The product installed and commissioned, has extended my operational capacity like I have never had before and I have appreciated the follow-up care I have received from the team at COLETEK.

thumb Tim Hutton

Very professional, quality equipment.

thumb Ashley Chessells
Gold Coast

I had a very nice 4 camera installation setup at a private home. It has excellent coverage and clear vision day and night.

Russ Egan
Gold Coast

The only people we use and recommend.

Brad Baker
Prohunt Outfitters, Lismore

Great service, great equipment.

thumb Nicole Blackmore
Almare Tourist Motel, Ballina

I had cameras set up in my home. I found the service to get them installed was quick and professional. Turned up when they said and left no mess.

thumb Coral Campbell
Gold Coast

We engaged COLETEK to design and install a comprehensive security camera system across Ballina Beach Nature Resort. They delivered a system and have provided follow up support that has exceeded our expectations.

Stuart Roberts
Ballina Beach Nature Resort, Ballina